Guelph City Run

About Event

As the world struggles to surmount a pandemic like no other in the global history, the journey back to the new “normal” is critical and the church has a crucial role to play. We need to build on this momentum and continue working together as a community if we are serious about ending homelessness.

We can start by running together!

At Habitation of Peace, We strive to create a yearly high-impact racing event (½ Marathon, 10 K & 5 K) in support of a worthy cause; promoting Guelph and giving back to the community. The 2021 edition is a virtual run. The goals of the event include raising the awareness of Guelph as a destination, developing and maintaining partnerships with liked minds of a movement to promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle.  All these while supporting the important cause of fighting mental health, homelessness, and substance abuse.

As we take on this challenge we invite you to participate in a worthy course to give back to the Guelph community. All Charity funds raised will be targeted and accounted for towards charities that support the homeless and persons with substance abuse in the Guelph community.

To participate in the 2021 Virtual Run, please register here

Deadline for the registration: August 20, 2021.

Race Period:  August 8 – August 28, 2021

Results Submission Deadline: August 29, 2021

Final Results & Ranking Available: August 30, 2021

Finishers will be rewarded with finishers certificate, Guelph City Run Medal and T-Shirt


There is no minimum age as it is a virtual run. No fixed course.